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Maldives is a perfect holiday destination that offers visitors with all types of luxuries and fun things to do. The region has beautiful coral white beaches that attract visitors. Maldives is best known for its water sports and fun activities.

Maldives is also known for its excellent diving spots which are among the best in the world. The endless coral reefs offer visitors with several excellent opportunities of snorkeling and scuba diving.

There are several resorts in Maldives and each has its own island. The National Museum has a wonderful collection of historic artifacts that give a brief of the history of the islands. the Sultan’s Park is an attractive place with wonderful flowers and trees.

Best time to visit

The Maldives is a year-round destination, and even during the wet season, you can have enjoyable experiences. Rain showers are typically short-lived and followed by clear skies. The best time to visit the Maldives depends on your preferences and the experiences you're seeking. The Maldives has a tropical climate with two distinct seasons: the dry season (Dec to Apr) and the wet season (May to Nov).

What to See, Eat and Do ?

Stunning Natural Beauty

The Maldives boasts breathtaking white sandy beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and vibrant marine life, making it a serene and picturesque destination for relaxation.


The Maldives are known as “the tropical paradise” for reasons such as its beauty. This tropical country has separated islands and islands are surrounded by its own lagoon. Each island has pure white sandy beaches. The sea covers 99% of the Maldives and it is where you can see beautiful fishes and corals.


A vacation in the Maldives would be relaxing with the white sand beaches and coconut palms surrounded. The first thing you will see when you look at an island from a distance will be coconut palms and green trees.

Island Escapes

It is composed of multiple atolls which are made up of a total of 1196 islands, and is located in the continent of Asia. The chain of islands is to the south-west of India and Sri Lanka and stretches over 871 km.


Each resort typically occupies its own private island, providing a controlled and safe environment for families.

Local Culture and Heritage

Although home to just over half a million people the Maldives has its own unique culture and traditions. The Maldives culture is heavily shaped by Indian, Sri Lankan, Malaysia, Arab, Persian, Indonesian and even African influencesMaldivians are incredibly warm, welcoming and friendly people who will go above and beyond to make your holiday truly unforgettable.


Dhivehi is the language of the Maldivian people.Maldivians are master boat builders. The traditional Maldivian boat, dhoni has been shaped over centuries, resulting in a craft that perfectly suits the various conditions of the seas.


Some resorts offer cultural experiences, allowing visitors to learn about the Maldivian way of life, traditions, and customs.

Social and Cultural Sensitivity

While the Maldives is an Islamic country, resorts and tourist areas often follow a more relaxed approach to dress codes and behavior. However, it's still recommended to dress modestly when outside the resort

Privacy and Seclusion

The Maldives Islands or more commonly known as Maldives has always been known as a romantic getaway for honeymooners. With hundreds of remote ‘resort islands’, Maldives offers a private and personalized holiday like no other. It is home to secluded beaches.


Muslims are now finding that the facilities and privacy they require can be found at numerous resorts. It is prohibited by the law to serve any alcohol, pork or non Halal products at all inhabited islands of Maldives.


The Maldives is known for its private overwater bungalows and beachfront villas, allowing Muslim families to enjoy seclusion and privacy while adhering to their values and practices.

Resort Activities

  • The Maldives offers various water and beach activities that align with modesty requirements, including swimming, snorkeling, diving, and spa treatments.
  • Resorts often organize family-friendly activities, allowing parents to engage their kids in a halal and family-oriented environment.

Food in Maldives

  • Many resorts in the Maldives offer halal-certified and halal-friendly dining options, ensuring that Muslim travelers can enjoy their meals in accordance with their dietary preferences.
  • Buffets and à la carte menus often include a variety of halal choices, including local Maldivian cuisine and international dishes.

Sight-seeing & Activities


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