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Malaysia is a magical destination unlike any other. A melting pot of cultures and religions, the country is home to some architectural marvels, breathtaking natural landscapes, fantastic shopping venues, and its rich culture and cuisine, amongst a number of other things.

It's also fast becoming a must-visit destination for Muslims across the globe due to its Muslim-friendliness, combined with all the exciting things it has to offer Tourists can find Halal labels, Qibla directions, prayer rooms, and mosques easily.This country is quite popular with tourists from Southeast Asia.

Due to their shared cultural heritage, the Malay language is also easy to understand for tourists from Southeast Asia. Considering the majority of Malaysia's population is Muslim, it is very easy to find delicious halal food. Vacationing in Malaysia is also very interesting with its magnificent cities and its beautiful natural attractions that you must visit.

Best time to visit

The country is beautiful all year round. The climate is tropical with high temperatures and humidity, throughout the year. Daytime temperatures rise above 30°C (86°F) all year round, and night-time temperatures rarely drop below 20°C (68°F). If you do not like the heat, then avoid visiting Malaysia during the summer months.

What to See, Eat and Do ?

Kuala Lumpur

The city is diverse with beautiful colonial buildings integrated with a new modern architecture such as; the Kuala Lumpur Railway Station, designed by British colonial architects, and the most famous modern landmark; the 451m tall Petronas Twin Towers. If shopping activities, sightseeing, trekking, and relaxing by the beach are on your agenda, then visiting exotic Malaysia ticks all of the above.


One of the most important and famous landmarks you can visit in Putrajaya is the pink domed Putra Mosque.No visit to Kuala Lumpur is complete without exploring the Islamic Arts Museum, Batu Caves, and The National Mosque.


If you love nature, trekking, and exploring one of the oldest tropical rainforests in the world, then you must visit the Teman Negara National Park in the Malay Peninsula and which is said to be 130 million years old.


Is one of the most famous and popular tourist islands in Malaysia and is also known as the Jewel of Kedah. It is also an extremely popular Halal honeymoon destination in Malaysia. The island is located off Malaysia’s northwestern coast in the Andaman Sea; Langkawi is an archipelago of 99 islands. It boasts picturesque beaches, rainforests, mangroves and forest-clad mountains. It has a great deal of natural beauty and in recent years, there have been many luxury resorts being developed on the island.


If you are visiting Langkawi, do not forget to visit the Langkawi Sky Bridge; a curved pedestrian bridge, 660m above sea level on top of Gunung Mat Cincang peak. Also, make sure you visit the Temurun Waterfall and the Pantai Cenang area on the island.


Malacca was once a prosperous port of call between the “East and West”, where silk, gold, tea, spice, opium, tobacco, and countless items changed hands. The mainland Chinese led by Admiral Cheng Ho exchanged ties with the Malacca Sultanate in 1409. In the year 1511, the powerful Portuguese invaded and took control of Malacca until 1641 followed by the Dutch.


Explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Malacca and visit many renowned buildings and ancient landmarks. See the incredible architecture at Stadtuys, A Famosa Fort, Malacca Sultanate Palace, and more. Witness magnificent views of the coast from St Paul’s Hill and travel down the Malacca River on a cruise to experience this remarkable area by water.

Genting Highland

Genting Highlands, or the City of Entertainment, is the perfect escape for many Malaysians looking to flee the sweltering heat and humidity of Kuala Lumpur.


Get out of the city for a day at Genting Highlands on this excursion from Kuala Lumpur. A hill resort north of KL, Genting Highlands is home to an indoor theme park (currently closed), shopping complex, restaurants, and more, which you can enjoy at your leisure.


Even for Muslim travellers, the area is good to visit. The Genting Highlands offers a variety of opportunities for people of all ages to have fun. There are numerous indoor and outdoor theme parks and shopping outlets where visitors can have fun. Genting Highlands has adequate facilities for Muslim visitors. Few halal eateries and prayer halls are available to meet the demands of Muslim tourists.


Known as the ‘Pearl of the Orient’, Penang is a UNESCO World Heritage Site celebrated for its well-preserved colonial architecture and eclectic street art.


George Town, the capital, is a food lover’s paradise with its hawker centers serving up a melting pot of flavours. Explore the vibrant Clan Jetties (Chinese floating villages), visit the ornate Kek Lok Si Temple, and enjoy the ride on the Penang Hill Funicular Railway for panoramic views of the island.


Penang is famous for its diverse and delicious halal cuisine. From local dishes like Nasi Kandar, Laksa, Char Kway Teow, and Mee Goreng to international options, there are numerous halal-certified restaurants and street food stalls across the island to cater to Muslim dietary requirements.


For an unparalleled wildlife experience, head to Malaysian Borneo. The states of Sabah and Sarawak boast lush rainforests, diverse ecosystems, and a chance to encounter rare species like orangutans and pygmy elephants.


Explore the UNESCO-listed Kinabalu Park, dive into the world-renowned Sipadan waters, and experience the vibrant indigenous cultures in longhouse visits.


Major cities and towns in Borneo, especially in Malaysia and Brunei, have mosques and prayer facilities available for Muslim travelers. Hotels and shopping malls usually provide prayer rooms to cater to the needs of Muslim visitors.

Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands, located in the state of Pahang, Malaysia, is a popular hill station known for its cool climate, stunning landscapes, tea plantations, and agricultural farms.


Visit the Boh Tea Plantation, trek through the Mossy Forest, and enjoy the cool climate while sipping on freshly brewed tea.


The pleasant weather offers a retreat from the heat of the lowlands, making it an attractive destination for relaxation and escaping the tropical temperatures.


There are numerous halal-certified or Muslim-friendly eateries and restaurants across Cameron Highlands serving a variety of local and international cuisines. Visitors can enjoy dishes like steamboat, local Malaysian favorites, and fresh produce from nearby farms.

Food in Malaysia

Being declared the most Muslim-friendly destination across the world, Malaysia is home to hundreds of cuisines with most of them Halal Certified. This means that Halal food can be found, no matter where you go. These restaurants range from the local street food stalls to independent restaurants and even fine-dining restaurants.


When in Malaysia, you cannot miss trying out the nasi lemak with sambal, roti canai, satay, and kaya - a jam made from coconut milk, sugar, and eggs. Follow up your meal with other local specialities like a warm teh tarik or cold ais kacang, or a Milo Dinosaur!


Be sure to hit the streets and sample a variety of snacks being sold off food carts, and pay a visit to the night markets for a culinary experience that will likely make Malaysia your favorite destination of all time! Street food in Malaysia is all Halal unless stated otherwise, so eat away!

Sight-seeing & Activities



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