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Halal Food

Most Muslims who travel experience some degree of difficulty in finding halal food especially if the country they’re traveling to is a Muslim minority country. Also, not all countries are able to experience the privilege that comes with having established halal regulatory bodies. So, if you’re struggling to eat halal ,while travelling in a foreign country, we have compiled a few tips that will ease your struggles and keep your worries at bay.


Before you embark on your journey, planning is crucial. It is important that  destination you are visiting has halal food or if there’s a dominant Muslim presence with a local masjid. This is where we come to your help. Based on our relationship with local DMC’s, we will be able to provide guidance enabling you to focus more on enjoying your trip instead of wondering where your next halal meal is going to come from.

Go Pescatarian

If you’re in a tricky situation where halal options aren’t available to you, go pescatarian . If you’re intending to cook your own meals, products such as fish and tuna are readily available depending on your destination. However, if you’re eating at a restaurant, make sure that the food is not contaminated with meat products or alcohol.

Get Acquainted with Halal Logo

If you’re a halal conscious consumer, you would easily be able to identify the halal certification stamp. Certified food products and restaurants will make the stamp explicit. However, there are many restaurants that aren’t certified but advertise halal meat. Whatever the reason, it is important that you use your discretion and back it up with your research findings.

Eat Whole Foods

In the Quran, Allah implores us to eat of what Allah has provided for you lawful  and good (5:88). An easy way  to eat halal  is to eat whole foods  from the  earth. Wherever you travel,  depending  on the season,  whole foods  such as  fruit and  vegetables  will always  be in  abundance and widely available to purchase.







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