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Kazan, Russia

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All surviving stone mosque in Kazan in the past were designed to be "invited" by the architects that gave rise to the unique style of the Tatar mosques, unlike traditional Eastern. They are the only monuments of Tartar architecture, extant. we will explain how to combine in them the signs of completely different eras, fancy combined talents of architects, who studied to work in new ways — and at the same time forming the appearance of the Tatar settlement of Kazan.
The Mosque Of Al-Marjani

One of the oldest mosque built in Kazan after the capture of the city by Ivan the Terrible and the eviction of the Tatars in the Tatar Sloboda. Located in the picturesque surroundings of the recently restored area. Near a pedestrian street and the Kaban lake with a beautiful view for photo and a number of beautiful mosques.

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Tour of the mosques